Enjoyed #sitBER remotely, yesterday. @dhague , can You upload You deck to slideshare ir somewhere else?

— Matthias Nolte (@d4t4v1z) September 3, 2017

That was an interesting session. I recommend watching the replay on youtube #sitBER @dhague https://t.co/h7xTFe2aZm https://t.co/VlLg7wRgHc

— Silvia Strümper (@StruemperS) September 3, 2017

That’s been great start of #sitBER, lots of #machinelearning insights by @dhague and @thetalperry, appropriately sponsored by @JM_SAP ;-)

— Fred Verheul (@fredverheul) September 2, 2017

Great session from @dhague about #MachineLearning at #sitBER Good intro on algorithms. Hope the slides will be available later!?

— HP Seitz (@hpseitz) September 2, 2017

Watching #sitBER from my sofa - 3rd best option after joining in person and engaging via Twitter ;) pic.twitter.com/Eg3WeXjp0U

— Hendrik Neumann (@h_neumann) September 2, 2017

Nice bit about data compression algorithms by @dhague #sitBER #MachineLearning

— Fred Verheul (@fredverheul) September 2, 2017

What the best way to wake #sitBER participants on Saturday morning?

Let @dhague explain neural networks #MachineLearning with 31 parameters pic.twitter.com/Nw2svFnVLd

— Vitaliy Rudnytskiy (@Sygyzmundovych) September 2, 2017

All about #MachineLearning by a SAPINSIDETRACK dinosaur. 😉@dhague #sitBER pic.twitter.com/9EdhnpWAT8

— SAPInsideTrackBerlin (@sitberlin) September 2, 2017

We are live now with @dhague talking about ML algorithms https://t.co/rTCKfxaAhL #sitBER

— SAPInsideTrackBerlin (@sitberlin) September 2, 2017

Wow, excellent quality! Go @dhague! ;-) https://t.co/RHD6GULv8U

— Fred Verheul (@fredverheul) September 2, 2017

Who else could kick-off #sitBER better than the one guy who started @SAPInsideTrack 10 years ago - @dhague pic.twitter.com/Q54bMmqkIt

— Matthias Steiner (@steinermatt) September 2, 2017

BERLIN🐻#sitBER is September 2! Great #sapcp and other content with @steinermatt @oliver @dhague @mwittrock & more: https://t.co/7eGUJExozN

— SAP Cloud Platform (@sapcp) August 24, 2017